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If you are considering a career move ………email your CV as soon as you can to


-  with a note saying what you are looking for

-  and what your longer term ambition is.

Give your contact number and the times you are usually free to speak.


Do not wait to see a job advert as many jobs are filled before advert stage!  - we need to have your details before the job comes to us. Mention any job adverts which catch your eye as this helps us to see what will interest you, but don't be surprised if that job is already on interview and possibly filled.


The main priority is to register with us so that we can consider you.

We consider you for anything that matches your stated criteria and if in doubt, we will contact you to discuss further.

Often the best jobs are filled by people who are already registered with us  - before 'new' people have a chance.


Be at the front of the queue – register with us now. 


CV format      We want your CV either in WORD or copy it into an email.

                      Do not worry unduly about the presentation  - we just need your information.


Once we have your details we can act if we have an urgent job. Review our ' CV TIPS '  page and tailor your CV with this advice in mind. Email an amended CV when you have worked on it if you feel this will help.

OR just send an email adding any missing information. We can work from that. We just want to hear from you.


If you are an IFA - email your contact details and list the companies you have worked for, or any info you feel is relevant then we can text or ring you out of office hours to discuss further.